Where to Buy Balance Activ Products

Buying Balance Activ Products

Balance Activ BV treatments and Balance Activ Moisturiser products are available in both gel and pessary format.

Balance Activ Intimate Soothing Cream is available in a 40ml tube.

All our products are available without a prescription and can be selected without the need to speak to a Pharmacist.They can be found in a range of pharmacy and healthcare retailers and online. The in-store location of our products varies from retailer to retailer. Balance Activ products are typically found in the healthcare area of the store with the other medicines typically near Pregnancy Tests and Thrush treatments. 

New Products:

If you are looking for our Vaginal Dryness products (including NEW Moisturiser Gel), please go to Boots or Superdrug below. They are also available on Amazon

Intimate Soothing Cream is currently only available through Boots and Superdrug. 

If you cannot find our products please ask a member of pharmacy or store staff.

Gel - individual tubes with a long neck & the right amount of gel needed for each application

Pessary - a small soluble bullet shaped block that is inserted in to the vagina

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