Hi, I'm Dionne

Dionne, a 35-year-old Clerical Officer from London, suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) from her early teens. Like many of us, Dionne’s BV occurred frequently, even monthly. It could be triggered by her period, as a response to stress, or even from wearing trousers too often or being sat down for long periods during the day.

Dionne suffered with BV from her early teens.

Dionne regularly had some of the most common symptoms of BV, including unusual discharge and a fishy smell.

She would also sometimes experience discomfort or inflammation.

The embarrassment she felt from the unpleasant smell made her so self-conscious that she often washed twice a day and always carried spare underwear, intimate sprays and wipes with her.

These symptoms were having a major impact on Dionne’s everyday wellbeing. She believed they were coming back too frequently to be thrush, but had still never heard of BV at this point.

Eventually, Dionne went for help from a sexual health clinic, where she was prescribed antibiotics. These provided some relief, but they also brought some unwelcome side effects. Finally, a medical professional at the clinic suggested an effective alternative treatment, without the side effects, that had recently become available – Balance Activ®.

After five years of using Balance Activ, Dionne wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the product to other women:

"Before I discovered Balance Activ® as an effective treatment, I had two options – either tolerate the side effects from alternative treatments or wait for the BV to clear itself. Either option was not a solution and simply caused me further stress and embarrassment.

Balance Activ® is effective, easy to use, easy to obtain and a less expensive alternative to other treatments, but most importantly – it works!"