Bacterial Vaginosis Gel & Pessary

Balance Activ BV Gel & Pessary

Balance Activ uses lactic acid to restore the vagina’s natural pH and vaginal flora and to relieve symptoms of BV. It also contains glycogen, which provides nutrients to encourage the growth of lactobacilli, a protective bacteria that helps to maintain a healthy balance inside the vagina.

Our BV treatments are available in a gel and pessary format. Both are equally as effective and are easy to use formats. The gel and pessary are sold in packs of 7 one-a-day doses - a week's treatment.

Balance Activ has been shown to be as effective as antibiotics in relieving symptoms of BV. It contains lactic acid and glycogen, working with your body to promote the growth of good bacteria and restore the natural vaginal pH balance.

Balance Activ BV Treatment Pack Shots


  • An easy-to-use measured dose with an hygienic single use applicator.


  • Easy-to-use, mess free and shaped for comfort.

Where to Buy Balance Activ

Balance Activ is available in many retailers nationwide such as Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Boots and online via

Where to Buy Balance Activ

Suffered Before?

If you notice recurrences around the time of your period you can use Balance Activ for a couple of days to help maintain your body’s natural balance. In addition, you can use one pessary every third day for three months to maintain the natural pH balance in your vagina, or one pessary daily at the end of a course of antibiotics for four to five days.

How to Use

It is most convenient to use both gel & pessary formats at bedtime, when lying down in a comfortable position. This helps them stay in place and can reduce leakage, although you may choose to wear a panty liner.

How to use Balance Activ Pessaries

  1. To use vaginal Pessaries, wash hands and remove a single pessary from the foil wrapping.
  2. Sit or lie down with knees bent and legs apart. Gently insert the pessary into the vagina as far as is comfortably possible using your fingers.
  3. Wash hands again. Remember, the pessary should not be divided as it is intended for single use.

How To Use Balance Activ Gel

  1. Twist off the cap and insert the whole of the neck of the tube into the vagina, and squeeze out the contents.
  2. Remove the tube whilst continuing to squeeze, and discard.

There may be a slight leakage, so it may be helpful to wear a panty liner. If this occurs, rest assured the product is still working effectively.

Lifesaver Product

I tried these pessaries after a long time googling to find a solution to an embarrassing problem - I'm so glad I did! Long gone are the days of changing my underwear several times a day or using tampons on days where that wasn't possible to keep things as contained as I could. If I have a flare up where I haven't used any pessaries for a while, a few days does the job but I like to use the whole week where possible to get the best results. I tend to use one, once a week if I have them to maintain the results.

Anon, August, 2018

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