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Real women share their experiences of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and treating the condition with Balance Activ Vaginal Gel.

As a Health Care Worker I often see women who are suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis, so I really know how common this condition is.

On a personal level, I have been troubled by BV for as long as I can remember – probably since I started my period. My symptoms have been relatively slight and consist of a continuous vaginal discharge. Over the years I have tried various treatment methods. I started by using the oral antibiotic metronidazole but this made me feel incredibly nauseous. I then tried the metronidazole pessary, which was really complicated to use, plus it interfered with my sex life, so in the end, I have to admit that I didn’t complete the course.

When Balance Activ BV Gel came along I was really relieved, as not only is it a natural treatment, but all you have do is snap the top off, insert, and squeeze. As I have recurrent BV I use it every now and again to treat and prevent my symptoms and on each occasion, after about three days, my vaginal discharge is significantly reduced. I am really relieved to have found Balance Activ BV Gel, now I no longer have to rely on antibiotics.

In clinic I often see women in a similar position to myself having suffered recurrent bouts of BV. If they don’t know much about the condition, they often feel dirty or perhaps think that they have an STI. Obviously I reassure them that that is not the case and that hygiene practices such as douching or using perfumed products can actually be a cause of BV. Here Balance ActiV BV Gel is a real help as it means that I can actually suggest a way in which a woman can positively manage her own vaginal health.

Natasha, 29, Health Care Worker in Birmingham, UK

I have been diagnosed with BV several times over four years. I usually have no symptoms so don’t even know I have it until I have my regular smear.

My doctor has previously prescribed antibiotics but I have found that this causes thrush too, making my problems worse. Recently, when I suffered another bout of BV, I asked if there was anything else available and my doctor suggested I try Balance Activ BV Gel. I used the vaginal gel for seven days and will try to use Balance Activ BV Gel every month to protect myself from it happening again.

Anonymous, UK

I have had recurring BV for four years and, to be frank, they have been four years of hell.

My main symptoms have been soreness and the fishy odour, which makes me very self-conscious. I have probably made things worse myself as I have used douches and intimate hygiene products. I am now trying to change my habits, as I understand that over cleaning your intimate area can remove good bacteria leaving you more susceptible to BV.

I have previously been prescribed antibiotics, and although they do work, they have awful side effects. For example, the taste is vile and they make me feel sick. They do work but are short-term and my BV comes back soon after.

I have used Balance Activ BV Gel as an alternative and I really like it. It feels really soothing and treats in the same time as the antibiotics. The first time I used it, I went back to the clinic after the course of seven tubes and the tests showed it had successfully treated my BV. I now use it to prevent recurrence.

It is really good news that Balance Activ BV Gel is going to be made available in shops. I travel a lot with work and when I have BV abroad it can cause me problems as getting treatment can be difficult. Taking Balance Activ BV Gel with me when I travel should help no end.

Sylvie, 39 from London

For the last couple of years I have suffered from BV. It’s been a nightmare for me as it recurs all the time, usually around the time of my period or after sex.

Although I do get a slight discharge, the main symptom is the fishy odour, which can be so bad that my partner notices. To get rid of it, I have tried everything but hate using antibiotics, particularly because they have given me thrush before.

Balance Activ BV Gel is really, really good. It is easy to use and within a couple of days the odour goes. I am now using it around the time of my period to stop BV coming back.

It is excellent news that Balance Activ BV Gel is going to be available in pharmacies; it will be less daunting than buying it off the shelf rather than having to go the clinic. It will really help sufferers like me. To be honest, it has been a godsend.

Anonymous, from London

I have worked as a registered nurse in GU medicine for 10 years. BV is a common reason for women to visit the clinic; in fact, I see it in around half of my female patients each week.

Lots of my patients suffer with BV after their periods or after sex, but many don’t notice any particular trigger for it to return.

I’ve tried lots of ways to treat the condition; antibiotics are the most common treatment and work well, but many of my patients are back within a couple of months as BV has returned yet again. Plus, an antibiotic won’t prevent recurrence.

Balance Activ BV Gel offers everything I need to give a patient to manage her condition. It’s not an antibiotic but is just as effective in treating BV, and it’s safe for a woman to use as often as she likes. I’ve found, in our chronic BV clinic, that most women are using it just before their period or after sex to prevent recurrence. For the women who haven’t worked out their trigger, they can use it as soon as they notice their symptoms returning, some just for one day, and it keeps it at bay.

It’s really easy to use, and it’s great that it’s available for women to buy rather than having to have a prescription. It means that they can take it away on holiday with them – we get requests for prescriptions prior to women taking a holiday ‘just in case’.

Most of my patients love it – in fact, one patient recently referred to it as her miracle cure. It’s great for me too – now I don’t see the same faces in clinic month after month. I’ve finally been able to help them.

Ade RGN, from London

I have been a recurrent BV sufferer for several years

At first my symptoms were only slight but gradually they have got worse and I now find it affects my relationship with my partner; it isn’t always easy to explain such an embarrassing problem. Having the condition just makes me feel horrible.

I have been prescribed antibiotics for many years but they tend to make me feel really sick and I usually don’t finish the course. Balance Activ BV Gel is a blessing. I feel privileged to be one of the first women in the UK to use it and to be involved in raising awareness of this condition.

Elaine, from London

I have been suffering from BV on and off for four years. For me, it started after I had a gynecological procedure to remove a cyst on one of my ovaries.

Now I find that I suffer every month or so and even using perfumed products like bubble bath can set it off too. At first I used thrush treatments but they didn’t get rid of my symptoms. After doing some research and speaking to my GP I was tested for BV and the result was positive.

My symptoms are an unusual discharge and an odour. It is the odour that causes me the most embarrassment, as I am constantly worried that people can smell it, especially my boyfriend.

The last time I saw my GP, she recommended I go to see a specialist at the clinic at St. George’s Hospital. The nurse I saw recommended I try Balance Activ BV Gel. She gave me some swabs to do at home so we could tell whether it had worked or not. After three days the symptoms had more or less all gone and after six days the swab showed that it had gone completely.

I would definitely recommend using Balance Activ BV Gel to all my friends, as I was very happy with the results and it was just so easy to use. As I suffer from BV often, I know the symptoms myself and just want the treatment without having to be swabbed every time for diagnosis by my GP. Balance Activ BV Gel means that I can now manage BV at home rather than having to go to the doctor’s or the clinic every time it flares up.

Chanel, 22 from London

Ladies, Ladies, I cannot believe my luck after discovering this product. And trust me, I’m a cynic when it comes to propaganda. Let me tell you, for five years I’ve suffered from BV.

I found having to travel to the GP or to the GUM clinic just to get treatment was very time-consuming. This time, after reading an ad in a magazine, I thought I’d give it a try because the symptoms were showing. I ordered Balance Activ BV Gel online and it arrived within two days. It was the best thing ever; it’s efficient, fast working, and best of all, prevents the embarrassing odours that go with BV. It’s a godsend. This product worked in my case after one day. Please don’t be a cynic, try it because I know it works, I’m so confident now, it’s unbelievable.

A big ‘thank you’ to the makers of this product.


I felt that I needed to let you know that Balance Activ BV Gel has changed my life within days.

I have suffered from an embarrassing odour for years and have tried everything, including multiple visits to the GP, but nothing worked and all they could tell me was that they could not find anything wrong. I have just joined a dance class and the hotter I get, the worse the odour, which has really been making my life a misery.

Having looked at your website, I realise that the problem possibly coincides with having a coil fitted years ago. I had become so desperate and spotted an advert in a magazine for Balance Activ BV Gel. Having used Balance Activ BV Gel for only two days, I noticed a difference and I finally feel more confident than I have for a long, long time. My next dance class is coming up so fingers crossed I can dance freely without worry.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. I have been suffering with BV for the past two years and at times it has made my life a misery. It makes you feel so alone as not many people seem to suffer from the same thing on a regular basis.

I have had the antibiotics and this helps for a while but it still comes back. On my last visit to the doctor, I was talking to the nurse who had been given a sample of Balance Activ BV Gel. She gave the pack to me, saying that I could be her guinea pig. Having suffered for so long, I was open to anything that would make life better. I tried it for three days and, to be honest, even after using it for one night I felt like a different woman. It helped me almost immediately and I have now decided that I will keep a stock of it in my bathroom to use once a week just to keep things in check. I phoned the doctors and told them how fantastic it was and that if they have any other patients who have the same problem this could well be the answer for them too.

A few days later we were having a discussion in the office and a lady was complaining that she was on antibiotics again and it transpired that she has the same problem as me. I recommended Balance Activ BV Gel and gave her one of my vials to try and she came in the next day just as elated as me. She has since ordered a couple of packs from the website.

I can’t thank you enough. I and the other lady in my office have finally found the answer to this rather embarrassing and nasty condition and in such a simple, quick and easy way.

Mryse, UK

For a year or maybe more I had been troubled by BV. I didn’t know what I had, and when I told the doctor he dismissed it as part of the menopause.

I knew this wasn’t right; it shouldn’t smell and shouldn’t be unpleasant. I was using tampons all the time but they just plugged the problem and I was worried that using tampons all the time would actually cause a problem. In hindsight, it probably did keep the BV going. I saw an advert and thought anything is worth a try. I found the product and after one application I felt so much better. I have been going around saying ‘thank you, God, no more smell, no more leaking, no more three or four pairs of pants a day, no more worry’. Ladies, it’s a miracle cure; I’ve only used it for two days but felt so compelled to write to someone to say ‘thank you’.

Karen, 51 from Essex

“Hi there. I bought this product hoping it would work and it did.”

If it can prevent me from ever having to take metronidazole ever again, it’s worth every penny. Thank you for manufacturing a product, that works better than antibiotics.


For years I have battled with an unpleasant smell and have had no help from doctors.

When I saw your ad on TV, I decided to try it and must say that it has cured the unpleasant smell with only two applications. I fully intend to carry on with your product.


I have been to the GP several times over the past 20 years because of the odour of my BV.

He just brushes it off and I am sure he thinks I am imagining things. My BV has totally affected my life and I’m really disappointed in my GP’s lack of help and knowledge. My sexual relationship with my husband has been put on hold because I am too embarrassed about the odour. I have also not been able to wear trousers for many years because the smell seems to seep into them – sorry, gross, I know. If I don’t continually wash myself and carry wipes about with me, I feel that everyone can smell me so I try not to get too close to people. Balance Activ BV Gel has changed my life. I am now confident that I can be a ‘proper’ person again because I do not smell.


I used Balance Activ BV Gel as I had a funny smell after periods.

I had a coil fitted for the first time. I told the chemist about it and they gave me Balance Activ BV Gel. It worked a treat. It’s about two months later and I have a smell again so I’ll need to go for more Balance Activ BV Gel.


I would just like to say Balance Activ BV Gel is an excellent product. I had BV but didn’t know and put up with it for a long time using tampons and liners because of the smell.

I thought it was thrush so I was using everything to get rid of it but, obviously, it didn’t work. I eventually went to a clinic thinking it might be a STI and the doctor told me it was BV. I was absolutely horrified but she explained what it was and gave me tablets, which got rid of it. Of course, it returned and as this time I knew what it was I found the tablets online so bought some. I was getting fed up with ordering tablets all the time and so I did a web search and found your Balance Activ BV Gel and thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did it really works for me and I use them regularly to keep BV at bay.


I am just so, so grateful for Balance Activ BV Gel being brought out.

Unlike thrush where you can just go and pick up a treatment over the counter there was nothing for BV, which was getting embarrassing as I had to keep making appointments with my doctor or GUM clinic. And, due to the amount of times I was suffering from recurrent BV, it was pointless going back for treatment only for it to come back shortly after, so my relief at discovering Balance Activ BV Gel is indescribable. I feel more confident, as I am sure there are lots of women like me who suffer from BV and the embarrassing odour that accompanies it. I feel more in control and confident, being able to treat it as and when I need to, thanks to Balance Activ BV Gel.


Brilliant, just brilliant

It actually works quickly. No more antibiotics, thank goodness. Thank you.


Dear Balance Activ BV Gel, just writing to say how impressed I am with your product. Unlike some of your clients this was my first episode of BV and at first I thought I had some kind of STI, but my last full health check had shown no infections.

I typed my symptoms into the net and it came up with BV, the description fitted exactly with what I had been experiencing. One of the sites carried a link to the Balance Activ BV site. I read up on what your product was all about and decided to give it a go and I haven’t looked back. What impressed me the most was just how quickly my symptoms cleared. Since using the gel, I haven’t had a repeat attack and have decided to continue using Balance Activ BV Gel once or twice a week as a preventative measure.

It was a real change to finally find something that actually did live up to its claims.


This product works and has made a big difference

So much easier than visiting the clinic and much less time consuming.


I’ve suffered with BV for about three to four years. I keep going to my GP for antibiotics but it keeps coming back about every six months.

I have been checked at the STD clinic but they always come back clear with a trace of BV so I thought I would give Balance Activ BV Gel a go after seeing it online. I have completed the course of seven, and after the second tube I have seen a big change. I have finished the course and I feel good but have got a little redness and soreness when I wipe, but all is good now.

I’m now online to buy more so I can prevent it. It is the best thing I have ever bought.

Kelly from Brandon, Suffolk

I’m writing on behalf of my 20-year-old daughter. She had been suffering from recurring bouts of BV and we were at the end of our tether, trying to find a solution. Doctors were just prescribing loads of antibiotics but the BV always came back.

In desperation, I started trawling the Internet and came across a feature from Good Morning where a video was telling us about your product. Via a link to your website we found Balance Activ BV Gel and ordered online. Our local chemist now orders it when we need it. Balance Activ BV Gel was the light at the end of the tunnel and my daughter is now able to manage the condition. Until we found Balance Activ BV Gel, her life was becoming a misery but she now enjoys life again, as she should as a 20-year-old girl. She has also discovered the importance of eating a good diet, which also seems to help her stay BV-free. From my daughter, myself and my wife, thank you.


Just wanted to share how effective Balance Activ BV Gel is. For the best part of three years I suffered a constant round of BV treated with metronidazole followed by candida and throat infection, followed by BV… you get the picture.

At first my symptoms were only slight but gradually they have got worse and I now find it affects my relationship with my partner; it isn’t always easy to explain such an embarrassing problem. Having the condition just makes me feel horrible.

I have been prescribed antibiotics for many years but they tend to make me feel really sick and I usually don’t finish the course. Balance Activ BV Gel is a blessing. I feel privileged to be one of the first women in the UK to use it and to be involved in raising awareness of this condition.


I have been to my GP for over 20 years, trying to find a solution to my problems. About 10 years ago, having trawled the internet, I asked about BV, but he had never heard of it.

I have been prescribed thrush treatments and antibiotics, but never felt any relief. I had plenty of STI checks throughout my life, which were all negative. Both my fallopian tubes are severely damaged and I am infertile, which I believe is as a cause of BV. I bought Balance Activ BV Gel three days ago and already feel like a different person. This product is amazing and all young women (and GPs) need to be more aware of the condition and this miracle treatment.

Anon, Belfast

This is a highly effective product that works quickly and with no side-effects. I am so delighted to have found it. Before, even if I used a mild baby product in the bath, I would face worrying itching and a terrible smelly discharge.

This problem was getting worse, was particularly bad around the last days of my period and becoming anti-social. I often opened windows in rooms as I felt others could smell me. This product has made a massive change to my wellbeing and confidence, and it just took one packet to solve the problem, although I have some Balance Activ BV Gel on hand for the last days of my period. Thanks for developing this excellent product and making it easily available.

Anon, Cambridge

I purchased Balance Activ BV Gel around eight weeks ago due to an embarrassing abnormal vaginal odour I was experiencing.

I used the gel for seven days, one per day as directed. I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about the gel curing the problem, although eight weeks on, and no symptoms at all. I am really pleased with the results and would recommend your product to anyone experiencing the same problems. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.