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Bacterial Vaginosis is quick and easy to fix
and it doesn't need to be a problem.
BV is more common than you think,
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Is it BV or Thrush ?
Find out with our symptom checker.
Is it BV or Thrush ?
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Get rid of symptoms quickly with Balance Activ®.
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What is Bacterial Vaginosis ?

We want to give women more knowledge and more control when it comes to their health. Selected information on this website has been created by the Intimate Health Taskforce, whose mission is to provide accurate and useful information to women and healthcare professionals about Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and how to treat it.

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Symptom Checker


Is it BV or Thrush ?

Find out quickly with our symptom checker

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BV or Thrush


BV is more common than you think

It's twice as common as Thrush

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