Treatment & Prevention

How to treat and prevent BV

BV Treatment & ProventionTreatment

If you have BV, there’s no need to worry as it’s easily treated.

You can visit your GP who will either prescribe antibiotics, Balance Activ BV Gel or Balance Activ BV Pessaries. Antibiotics are an effective treatment for bacterial vaginosis.  However, symptoms of BV may return four to six weeks after the course of treatment because antibiotics can kill the healthy lactic acid bacteria normally present in the vagina as well as the unwanted bacteria and it can be difficult to re-establish these healthy bacteria.

Balance Activ BV, however is clinically proven to prevent recurrence of BV. Find out more about it here.

You can also buy Balance Activ BV Gel or Pessaries without a prescription from your local pharmacy and all major retailers.

Alternative BV treatment, such as replacement of lactic acid bacteria, acidifiers, or yogurt can be used, however, their effectiveness is limited, as they do not stay in the vagina for long enough.

Other treatment for BV such as boric acid and hydrogen peroxide have also been used, but there is no robust evidence to suggest that these are particularly effective.

Balance Activ BV is safe to use when pregnant, however, you should see your doctor if you think you have a vaginal infection during pregnancy.

You must also consult your GP if:

  • Your symptoms worsen
  • You experience pain
  • The discomfort does not cease
  • The discharge is blood-stained
  • The discharge occurs during the menopause


There are some simple measures you can take, which could help prevent BV:

  • Avoid excessive washing (or douching) of the vagina: this may alter the normal balance of bacteria, making symptoms more likely to develop
  • Avoid using perfumed intimate products as these can disrupt the natural vaginal balance
  • Use a condom if you notice that sexual intercourse promotes symptoms. Semen is alkaline and can alter the natural pH of the vagina
  • However, used regularly, Balance Activ BV is proven to help prevent BV.